Counselling Services


     Counselling is a process in which one person seeks to help another person to better understand himself* and his life circumstances, and to face and work through life issues with which he is struggling, with a view to making choices that will result in growth both intrapersonally (within himself) and interpersonally (between himself and another or others). This process occurs within the context of a therapeutic relationship.

Counselling is offered to anyone for spiritual, emotional, social, behavioral, interpersonal, pre-marital, family and AIDS related issues. 

Individual Therapy 


     Individual Therapy (by appointment) is a relationship between a therapist and a client in which the therapist regularly attempts to help the client examine his experience of life with a view to the client making positive changes to improve upon an unsatisfactory situation in his life. 

Couples Therapy


     Couples Therapy (by appointment) is a relationship between one or two therapists and two clients (one male and one female) who are in a relationship in which they are experiencing difficulty (girlfriend/boyfriend; engagement; marriage). The therapist(s) regularly attempt(s)to help the couple examine the unsatisfactory aspects of their relationship with a view to their making positive changes therein. We also offer Pre- Marital Counselling to help engaged couples prepare themselves for living together as a married couple.

Family Therapy


     Family Therapy (by appointment) is a relationship between one or more therapists and at least two members of a family in which the therapist(s) regularly attempt(s) to help the family members examine theirun satisfactory family situation with a view to their making positive changes therein.

Group Therapy


    Group Therapy consists of a group of individuals meeting together on a regular basis along with one or more therapists, with a view to making positive changes in their lives (We offer adolescent and adult groups as needed).

Session Requirements


     Minimum Sessions Required: Individual, Couple, and Family - eight to ten weekly 50 minute sessions (30 minute sessions for children).Actual number of sessions varies as determined by therapist and client. Group session requirements are determined at the inception of any given group. 



     As of May1st,2013 the cost of each session is sixtyfive($65.00)dollars which is payable at the time the service is rendered. Persons unable to pay $65.00 may give a donation or negotiate a fee based on our sliding scale. Persons unable to attend sessions during our regular hours may inquire about times before 9:00 am or after 5:00 pm. (Fees for these sessions start at $85.00). 

The Christian Life & Witness Course

     The Christian Life and Witness Course is designed to give practical instruction to all church members in evangelism. The course is geared to help lay people understand the basic principles, values and methods in evangelistic outreach. Everyone is encouraged to attend the classes for personal enrichment and training in evangelism.