Pastor Frederick Arnett J.P

     Serves as the executive director of the Christian Counselling Centre.   When the centre opened in 1985 he was appointed the director.  He is also the chairman/trainer for the Bahamas Billy Graham (TV, telephone and radio) ministries. As trainer he conducts two to three Christian life & witness classes annually. He is an associate pastor of Calvary bible church.

     Pastor Arnett is a graduate of the Bahamas Baptist institute and holds numerous certificates in biblical studies and counselling. Pastor Arnett participates annually in international conferences that address relevant issues pertaining to marriage and family which keeps him on the cutting edge.  He is a graduate of pairs (practical application of intimate relationship skills) international.  He currently serves as their representative for the Bahamas.

     Pastor Arnett is a facilitator for prepare/enrich – a pre-marital and marital enrichment program.  Prepare/enrich inventory is used worldwide and is 98% accurate.


Counselling Psychologist

Director of Counselling Services/CCC



Counsels individuals and couples. Issues: premarital, marital, relationship and persons infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. 

Teletherapy, grief & loss counselling. (Listed at 


M.A., Counselling, Liberty University

B.S., Psychology, Liberty University

Graduate of several professional programs including Prepare/Enrich, PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills), Samaritan Ministry Caregiving and College of the Bahamas Drug Abuse and AIDS Education.

Education continues.

Pastor Paul Worrell

Paul Worrell is an Elder Pastor of Calvary Bible Church and serves in various Church Ministries, including Marriage and Family.  He has a great sense of humor and brings home truths to clients in a lighthearted fashion which puts them at ease.  A dedicated husband and father, he takes a delight in sharing the lessons he has learned in this journey of life.  He is a committed Christian and retired professional/businessman and holds an MBA, yet continues to attend workshops and training opportunities to enhance his offering to his varied clients.  He is also a trained facilitator of Prepare/Enrich, a widely used international tool, which assists in pre-marital counseling as well as enriching marriages!  Over the years he has counselled many and enjoys serving the Lord and others through vibrant ministries.
Together with his wife, they have served in ministries together, conducted bible studies, owned businesses and raised adult children.  They enjoy doing life together and credit God with their successes.


Denise Worrell

Denise Worrell has been associated with the Billy Graham Association since inception and is a Counselor, having completed and applied the Christian Life and Witness course many years ago.  She is a trained teacher and school administrator and holds a Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership.  Along with her husband, she has led marriage and family Bible studies, as well as counselled numerous people from all walks of life over the years.  She is an herbalist, Health Coach and an entrepreneur.  In addition, she is a trained facilitator of Prepare/Enrich, a widely used international tool, which assists in pre-marital counseling as well as enriching marriages!
Mrs. Worrell stays current by attending workshops and conferences to equip her to more effectively assist her clients.  She began her formal association with the Christian Counseling Center in 2019.  She continues to find ways to share her knowledge and assist those in need. 

Paula Adderley

     Serves as receptionist/counsellor. Her experience is individual, adolescent, and family counselling. Her professional qualifications are certificates in Drug Abuse & AIDS Counselling, Social Work Skills from the College of the Bahamas, Billy Graham Ministries Christian Life & Witness Course, Adolescent Training, Family Training, Introduction to Marriage Counselling, Establishing a Solid Foundation for Counselling, Enriched Relationships for Youth Marriage Life, & Active Parenting Now Program. 



Back Row

Left to Right

1.  Bruce Knowles/Treasurer

2.  Richard Evans

3.  Clement Foster/Secretary

4.  Terrance Hanna

5.  Michael Symonette/Chairman



1.   Betty Roberts

2.   Stephen Lowe

3.   Sidney Burrows

4.   Martha Albury/Director Fundraising

5.   Janette Sawyer (Ex Board Member)



Frederick Arnett/Executive Director

Helen Arnett/Director of Counselling